"Escape the Software Development Paradigm Trap"

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Further Reading: Software Development Paradigm Trap

No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering - Frederick P. Brooks
The classic study of why software development is so problematic. (My question, though: does it have to be?)

Margin - Jack Ganssle
Jack's article looks at the need for margin of error, and how software generally lacks it. This was the biggest influence on me writing my article.

Forget Time-to-Market: It's All About Time-to-Money - Susan Kunz
Susan's article looks at software quality from the perspective of management goals and the need for tools to evaluate software integrity.

The Source of Bad Software - Ed Foster
"Why is there so much buggy software?" is the first line in Ed's "Gripe Line" article. He lists some developers' take on the subject, and readers weigh in with their comments.

Solid Ground in Computing - Larry Dickson
A web site focused on some programming approaches, pioneered by the language "occam," which offer some useful models.

Subtract software costs by adding CPUs - Jack Ganssle
The case for times when more processors may be better than more code in one processor.

Multiple processors mean multiple challenges - Richard Goering
A brief report on development tool challenges in multi-processor designs.

Alternative computing solutions, from single cores to arrays of "things" - Clive Maxfield
An overview of the array of computing solutions from single chips to lots of different computing elements, this looks at possibilities for reaching greater computing power.