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Roy J. Tellason - 8/3/2006

Have you ever read Eric S. Raymond's The Art of Unix Programming? It seems to me that he does address a fair number of the issues that you talk about in this article, in the Unix context.

Please note that the book is not just about programming, but also talks a great deal about history, design philosophy, comparative approaches to things, what doesn't work well in addition to what does, and lots of other good stuff.

I'd personally love to see something similar happen, something like the unix OS that's targeted to embedded uses. Maybe I'll build something, if I can ever find the time. :-)

Mark Bereit - 8/6/2006


Thanks for the response. No, I have not read The Art of Unix Programming, nor would it have occurred to me to pick up such a title. Having read the preface on Amazon.com, though, I can see why you might recommend it. Add that to my to-do list!...