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Dennis Ruffer - 6/1/2006


I just finished your article in Embedded Systems Design and I just had to express my appreciation for your fresh thinking. I too have been in the software development field for decades (approaching 3 now), and I too see few improvements in the methods used. I see complexity where simplicity is needed and few people daring to break out of the box of the traditional paradigms. Thank you for reminding me that every once in a while, there are people who are wiling to stand up and question the trends.

I see Sun experimenting with embedded Java processors, and the IntellaSys announcement of its Sea of Processors as hope that we might eventually figure out the decomposition problems that INMOS struggled with. With the right support and media attention, maybe our hope has a chance.

Dennis Ruffer

Mark Bereit - 6/10/2006


Thanks for your comments!

My hope with that article was to inspire some fresh thoughts, and/or to encourage communication about new ideas tried and the outcomes. At some point we need to revamp our approaches, and it isn't clear yet what the new models will be... only that there need to be some.

Mark Bereit

Dennis Ruffer - 6/10/2006

Have you been able to generate more communication in this vein yet? Are you getting enough feedback to sustain a dialog? The money is always going to be poured into the "safe" approaches, but if there is a spark here, and if it can be developed, then maybe, something can become of it.

I'd love to see it happen, and since I don't have an employer at the moment, I'm just grasping at whatever I can find.